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If your children have behavior or emotional problems we can help!

We offer professional counseling by a licensed children's counselor and parenting support.

ON TRACK KIDS is a donations only ministry in Citrus County. 


Professional counseling
Parenting courses
Recreational programs

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Counseling for Children, Help for Parents

ON TRACK KIDS Is dedicated to making a difference for families in our community! Our community is mostly rural and small town. Counseling resources are limited, especially counseling that specializes in the needs of children and parents. We believe that the family is the foundation of our society and we want to do all we can to help parents and children have safe, peaceful homes with children who mind, behave themselves at school, and who are emotionally healthy. We have locations in Citrus Springs, Beverly Hills, Hernando and Homosassa, FL. 

Our programs make a difference for families in our community. Children are no longer out of control at home or school. Parents have the parenting tools they need. Families stabilize and the changes in behavior are felt at school, where learning is not disrupted by constant discipline problems. These changes have a ripple effect on the community. We are audacious enough to believe that these kind of helpful changes in families not only prevent failed families and failed school experiences, but that these changes make it possible for children and families to succeed, thrive and be assets to this community.


Here's a simple fix! 

It is helpful to offer your child a choice between good options, especially if they are out of sorts. However, they must be choices with which you agree. Don't speak to them as if they have a choice when they don't. For example, don't say, "Let's get your coat on, ok"? Saying it like that sounds like you are giving them a choice. It is perfectly fine to give your child an order. You are the boss. You have the authority. Just say, "Put your coat on now, please."

Stop saying, "OK?" with a question mark. Instructions should be statements and end with a period. Try it. Say it in a little firmer tone than the everyday conversational one you use. 

Family physician, psychologist and author Leondard Sax 
 Sax offers a scenario in which parents and a 6-year-old child, who had a sore throat, came into his office. When he said, “Next I’m going to take a look at your throat,” the mother asked for the child's permission, saying, “Do you mind if the doctor looks in your throat for just a second, honey? Afterward we can go and get some ice cream.”

That led to the child refusing to have the doctor look in her throat to do the strep test and the child having to be restrained to get the test accomplished.

“It’s not a question,” Sax said. “It’s a sentence: ‘Open up and say, 'Ahh.'' Parents are incapable of speaking to their children in a sentence that ends in a period,” he said. “Every sentence ends in a question mark.”

It may take awhile to break the habit of saying, "OK?", but it will be worth it.
Another way to accomplish the same end is to have them say, "OK, Mommy". Try it. Say, "Put your coat on please. Say, "OK, Mommy!" You model what they should say, and be sure to say it in a happy, enthusiastic tone of voice!

SUMMER CAMP June 13-July 1
Are looking for a good summer experience for your child? We highly recommend Summer Camp at Good Spirit Foundation in Hernando. ON TRACK KIDS will be there and available to provide professional counseling during the camp day.
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